Fix: “Windows Won’t use All Available RAM”

We all know that RAM is a critical component in any system that helps provide more power in multitasking. What to do if your “Windows won’t use all available RAM”, yes, it will affect your system performance.

If you’re sure your Windows isn’t using all of its available RAM, there could be a number of reasons. On the other hand, there are many solutions available for the same problem. You can go through this article and find the information and solutions listed below and solve your problem as soon as possible. Have a look.

Causes for the Windows Won’t use All Available RAM

– 33-bit Windows Operating System
– Enabled RAM Virtualization feature
– Outdated Windows BIOS
– Integrated GPU

Fixes for the Windows Won’t use All Available RAM

Once you’re familiar with the reasons why Windows won’t use all available RAM, you can move on to solutions.

Fix 1: Upgrade to a 64-Bit Operating System

As we discussed earlier, one of the main reasons for the same problem is the 32-bit version of Windows. The 32-bit version of Windows can only access 4GB of RAM, regardless of how much RAM you have installed on the system. Here you need to upgrade your Windows to 64-bit and solve the problem.

– Open the Settings menu, click on the System and choose About.
– Then beside System Type, check if it is a 32-bit Operating system or a 64-bit operating system.

– If it is 32-bit, then you should install a 64-bit version on your system.

Note: You should backup all your data before installing the 64-bit version; otherwise, you may lose all your files permanently.

Fix 2: Disable Maximum Memory

If your system is allowed to lock memory, the system will use the minimum memory usage. In this case, you need to unlock the memory feature and see the issue get resolved.

– Press Windows + R to open RUN Command Prompt, and type “msconfig” and press OK.
– Inside the new screen, select the Boot tab and click on Advanced Options.

– Then untick Maximum Memory and click on the OK button.
– Now you might be able to use maximum RAM usage.

Fix 3: Disable Virtual Memory

If you have disabled virtual memory, your RAM will not use much memory, and this will affect your smooth system operation. Here you need to disable virtual memory and see RAM using maximum memory.

– Type, “Advanced System Settings” in the search box and launch the first result.

– Inside the System Properties screen, click on the Advanced tab and select Settings under the Performance section.

– Now in the Performance Options screen, click on the Change option and untick Automatically Manage Paging File Size For All Drives from the next screen.

– Then disable the No paging file option and click on the OK button.

Fix 4: Check Integrated Graphics Card

If your system has an integrated graphics card, then it will consume RAM memory. Here you should check your Graphics card and make sure it is integrated or dedicated.

– Open Device manager and go to the Display adapters section.
– Then check your Graphic card, and search online to understand if it is dedicated or integrated.

Fix 5: Check RAM

If your RAM is corrupted, then you will face the same problem. So check your RAM and make sure it is working well or not.

Fix 6: Update BIO

Another solution to resolve the same issue is updating your BIOS. You can go to the motherboard manufacturer’s official website and download its latest version (if available). Then install the file on your BIOS and see if the issue is resolved.

Fix 7: Tweak BIOS Settings

If none of the above-listed solutions does help you, then you should edit BIOS settings.

– When System Boots, press F2 or delete button to access BIOS Settings.
– Then change Virtualization to ON, IGPU to Off, Render Stability to Enabled, Multimonitor to Disabled and Frame Buffer Location to Below 4G.
– Once done, choose the Advanced section and select System Agent Configuration.
– Now choose the Memory Remap Feature and set it to Enabled.
– Finally, save the changes and see the issue resolved for you.

These are the solutions you can try to resolve Windows Won’t use All Available RAM issue. Also, you should check for any hardware component causing the same issue.