Fix: The Last of Us Part I Not Enough VRAM Error

The Last of Us Part I recently received huge acclaim across all major platforms. However, soon after its release, several issues such like crashing or lagging are reported from various sources. At the same time, we are discussing here, The Last of Us Part I Not Enough VRAM error problem that prevents players from enjoying the game.

According to some players, they received an error message on the game’s startup screen saying “You don’t have enough system and video memory to start the game”. If you are also frozen in front of the same screen, you can follow this article at the end to resolve your issue. Take a look.

Fix 1: Check System Requirements

The first solution for the same error is to check the system requirement to run the game smoothly. If your system configuration does not meet the minimum requirement of the game, you will not be able to play the game. So before trying to run the game again, make sure your system meets the minimum requirements to run the game properly.

Fix 2: Check GPU VRAM

Another reason for The Last of Us Part I Not Enough VRM error is that your GPU is running out of VRM memory. So you should make sure that your GPU has enough VRAM to support the high graphics and visual effects of the game. In our recommendation, you need at least 8GB of GPU VRAM to run contemporary multiplayer games. If your GPU does not have the minimum VRAM, you need to upgrade the VRAM and start the game.

Fix 3: Update Graphics Driver

Sometimes outdated graphics drivers can cause insufficient VRAM errors in The Last of Us Part I. In this case, you should check and update your driver to the latest version.

If you are using NVIDIA- go to its official website and check and update your Graphics driver. 

In the case of AMD- go to its official website and update your Graphics card. 

Fix 4: Use Dedicated Graphics Card

At times launching the game with a dedicated graphics card may allow you to fix the same issue, and you may run the game smoothly.

  • Open the Graphics Setting screen and choose the Graphics Performance Preference option.
  • Then click on Browse and navigate to The Last of Us Part I installation folder.
  • Now click on the three dots beside The Last of Us Part I and select Options. 
  • Finally, select the High Performance, save the changes and relaunch the game. 

Fix 5: Reinstall DirectX

You can also try to reinstall the DirectX package on your system and relaunch the game. 

  • Open the DirectX package page and choose a Language and click on Download. 
  • Then install the file on your system and See if the changes help the game run smoothly.

These are the top fixes for The Last of Us Part I Not Enough VRAM Error. If the problem is not solved, you can contact the game developer support team, and they will helps you to solve your problem.