Fix: The Last of Us Part I Crashing/ Freezing/ Lagging or Low FPS Issue on PC

Naughty Dog LLC developed The Last of Us Part I to experience emotional storytelling and engage in stealth combat sequences. But few players are concerned that after purchasing the game, they are unable to play it due to frequent crashing or lagging issues.

If you are also struggling to enjoy the game seamlessly, then you can follow this article. Here we have listed a few fixes that will let you play without crashing or low FPS problems. Then let’s have a look.

Fixes for The Last of Us Part I Crashing or Low FPS Issue

Fix 1: Update Driver

If your graphics driver is not updated, you may experience crashing or lagging issues in The Last of Us Part I. In this case, you need to update the driver to its latest version and launch the game again.

· Open Device Manager and choose the Display adapters option from the list.
· Then right-click on the Graphics driver you use to play the game, select Update driver from the drop menu and relaunch the game.

Fix 2: Verify Game Files

Another reason for crashing or lagging issues in The Last of Us Part I is corrupted game files. Here you should try to repair the game files and then see if the game runs smoothly or not.

· Open Steam and go to the Library section, then choose The Last of Us Part I.
· Right-click on The Last of Us Part I and select the Properties.
· Once done, select Local Files and click on Verify integrity of game files and see the issue get solved.

In Epic Games,

· Open Epic Games Launcher and click on the Library.
· Then select The Last of Us Part I and click on the Three dots to choose Manage.
· And select the Verify files option and click on the Verify button and finish the procedure.

Fix 3: Disable DLSS

DLSS technology uses AI to improve the frame rates of games compatible with higher resolutions. Sometimes this device will cause low FPS issues in The Last of Us Part I and cause an issue in playing the game. In this case, you should disable DLSS settings and relaunch the game.

· Open the Game Settings page and from the General settings choose the Graphics Settings tab.
· Then select DLSS settings, toggle off beside the same option and relaunch the game.

Fix 4: Update DirectX

Sometimes updating the DirectX package will allow you to play the game endlessly. To do so,

· Navigate to the DirectX page, choose the Language and click on the Download button.
· Then install the downloaded file on your device and relaunch the game to check if the discussed issue still irritating you.

Fix 5: Disable Overlays

In some cases, enabling the overlay to boost the game’s performance may cause the crashing issue in The Last of Us Part I. In this case, you should disable the GeForce Experience or Discord overlay options and restart the game.

Fix 6: Check Antivirus

The possibility that your antivirus program is causing the crashing or freezing issue in The Last of Us Part I cannot be ruled out. Therefore, you need to disable the third-party antivirus program and restart the game to see the improvement. If the game runs smoothly, then you should delete the current antivirus program and install a new reliable antivirus tool.

Fix 7: Reinstall the Game

If none of the above solutions helps, then you should uninstall the game and its files from the system. Once done, reinstall its latest version on your system and see if the game shows any issues.

These are all solutions to fix The Last of Us Part I crashing, freezing, lagging or low FPS issue on PC. Also, you should disable unnecessary apps running in the background of the system and check if your system is updated to the latest version.