Set Different Wallpaper for Each Desktop on Windows 11: Easy Fix

Microsoft is releasing a new version of Windows and updating new features for its users. Users of Windows 10 and older versions are allowed to customize the desktop background, but this feature is limited to the main monitor (those who use multiple monitors).

But now, the situation has changed significantly, and with the latest updates, Microsoft is now allowing users to customize different backgrounds for each desktop. This new feature allows users to identify each desktop in the Task Manager quickly. Anyway, in this article, we will teach you how to change the virtual desktop background in Windows 11.

What is Virtual Desktops in Windows 11:

Virtual desktops in Windows 11 are different desktops that a user can create to organize different types of tasks such as work or gaming. Similarly, Virtual desktops allow a user to create multiple home screens on Windows.

Steps to set the virtual desktop background on Windows 11

  •  Firstly, launch Task Manager by pressing Windows key + Tab key simultaneously on Windows 11.
  •  Then click on the New desktop option to create a new virtual desktop.Set Different Wallpaper for Each Desktop on Windows 11
  •  Now right click on the needed desktop, and from the short drop-down menu, select Choose background option.Set Different Wallpaper for Each Desktop on Windows 11
  •  When you reach the Background settings screen, click on the Browse photos button under the Personalize your background section.
  •  There select your favorite image from the list to set up a new background for the monitor.
  •  Further, select the Choose picture button and follow the above-given steps to change the background for other attached desktops.

 Once done, restart the system and check you can see each desktop with different backgrounds.

 Note: You can also have another option to change the desktop background in the Settings app. For that, go to Settings>Personalization settings and change the background from there.

This is how you can set Different Wallpaper for Each Desktop on Windows 11 easily. If you have any queries or feedback after reading this article, please leave a comment in the below comment box.