Run Old Games in Windows 11: Easy Solutions

These days many users are switching to Windows 11 and trying to explore its new features. Microsoft has set up exciting features in Windows 11 to make it easier for users to manage all tasks. But some users are wondering how to play older games on Windows 11.

Here’s a list of some of the ways you can run your old favorite game on Windows 11 as we understand your curiosity. If you are also a game enthusiast and would like to play your favorite old game on the latest Operating System, then you can walk with this complete guide. However, you can use the following methods to run older games on your Windows 11 without wasting time. Let’s have a look.

Some workarounds

Before moving on to methods, you need to make sure you have several criteria to follow.

  • Make sure you have steady network connectivity.
  • Update your Graphics driver.
  • Ensure unwanted programs/apps are not running in the background.
  • Disable antivirus installed on your system.

Method 1: Run as Administrator:

It would be best to open games with administrative access as the first attempt to run older games on Windows 11. The latest operating system puts more emphasis on security features, so running games on administrator access can help you play your favorite game without a hitch. To open the games with administrative access, you can follow these steps,

  • Firstly, go to the game installation folder and right-click on the Game.exe with admin
  • Then right-click over the .exe file and select Run as administrator from the drop-down menu.
  • Now you are capable of running the old game in your Windows.

Method 2: Run the game using Compatibility Mode:

Another attempt to run older games on your Windows 11 is to edit compatibility mode. Follow the steps below to edit the Compatibility Mode,

  • Firstly, go to the game installation folder, right-click on the Game file and select its Properties option.
  • Then click on the Compatibility tab from the top horizontal menu.  
  • Now tick the checkbox beside the options Run this program as an administrator.

Method 3: Download the Game From Microsoft Store:

Windows 11 has an advanced Store that allows you to download almost all apps/games authentically. To run older games, you can download those games directly from the Windows 11 Store.

  • Firstly, open the Microsoft Store in your system.
  • Then in the Store search box, type the game’s name.
  • Once the game appears on the screen, click on the Download button.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions to install the game on your system.

Method 4: Run Program Compatibility Troubleshooter:

Windows 11 has a built-in Program Compatibility Troubleshooter that allows older programs and apps to run smoothly on the latest OS. You can also run this troubleshooter to open the old game on your Windows 11,

  • Firstly, type Run the program in the taskbar search box and open the Run programs made for previous versions of Windows option from the search result.
  • Then in the newly opened window, click on the Advanced link.
  • Now click on Run as administrator under the section Troubleshooting with administrator permissions might find more issue and click on Next tab.
  • In the next screen, select your game from the list under the select the program you’re having problems with section.
  • If the game is not found in the list, then choose not listed and click on the Next tab.
  • Inside the new window, click on the Browse button and locate the game’s executable file; click on the Next tab.
  • Now in the new screen, click on the Try recommended settings option and then click on the Test this program tab.
  • If the game is running, then click on the Next tab and click on Yes save these settings for this program option.
  • Now your old game will run smoothly.

Fix 5: Download the Game from Manufactures’s Website:

Sometimes downloading old games from its manufacture’s website may allow you to play the game on your Windows 11. To do so,

  • Firstly, launch your browser and go to the game’s manufacturer’s download center.
  • Then search and click on the Download button.
  • Now you can follow the on-screen instructions to install the game on your system.

Fix 6: Use Third-Party Game Platforms:

In addition to all of the above methods, you can also download older games from a trusted third-party game platform. These platforms provide reliable certified compatibility, so the game does not fall into trouble. There are several such platforms available online, such as G2A, Green Man Gaming, Kinguin etc.

So these are all about running old games on your Windows 11. Also, make sure to install the game without any issue; if you have a problem in the installation process, the games do not work properly on your Windows 11. However, if you have any queries or doubts after reading this article, then please leave a comment in the below-given comment box.