PS4 Error Code NP-32470-6: Quick Fixes

A few players have recently complained that they are getting Error Code NP-32470-6 when trying to play Overwatch 2 on their PS4. The same error sometimes prevents them from logging into the game, and they are unaware of the exact reason.

Unfortunately, there is no official explanation as to whether the error is due to the current state of the game or an issue with the console. Anyway, the issue has been frequently reporting on social media discussion platforms. If you are struggling with Overwatch 2 login error, then you can go through this article. 

In this article, after detailed research, we have listed a few solutions that will help you fix your PS4 error code NP-32470-6. So go through the solutions, fix your issue and start playing the game again without any issues. Have a look.

Tips to Avoid PS4 Error Code NP-32470-6

There are several solutions available to you to fix error code NP-32470-6 on your PS4. You can try the solutions listed here and see which one helps in your case.

Solution 1: Server Issue

The PS4 error code NP-32470-6 usually happens when the PlayStation Network (PSN) is down for maintenance. Here, you should wait for the repair to gets completed and retry to connect to PSN. If this solution does not help you, you should move to the next solution given below.

Solutions 2: Login with Online Status

According to some players, turning on the PS4 profile online fixes the NP-32470-6 error code on their console. If your profile appears offline on PS4, you will face the same problem. Here you need to set the profile to appear online and check if the issue is resolved or not. To do so, 

  • Click on PS4 Settings-> Account Management-> choose the Sign Out option to disconnect from the account.
  • Then press and hold the PS4 button-> select Power option-> then log out and wait for a few minutes and restart PS4.
  • When the PS4 startups go to Options-> click on Log in with online status. Now you will appear online when you sign in next time. 
  • Next, choose Settings-> Account Management-> Sign in using your account credentials. 

Solution 3: Restart Console

A simple solution you can try is restart your console and try playing the game again. This process will eliminate most minor bugs on the console and help you enjoy the game smoothly.

Solution 4: Check Network Connection

Another cause of PS4 error code NP-32470-6 problem is poor network connectivity. You should restart the router and reconnect the console and see if the error gets fixed or not. Also, you can connect to wired connection instead of wireless connection and try playing the game again. 

Solution 5: Update Firmware

Sometimes outdated firmware can cause error code NP-32470-6 on your PS4. Here you should check and make sure your firmware is updated. And you can change your Wi-Fi bandwidth to 5GHz, which will help improve network connectivity.

Solution 6: Change DNS Settings

If all else fixes your error, you should change your DNS settings. If you are not tech savvy, you should contact a professional to change your DNS settings and see if that helps to resolve the discussed problem.

We hope you have now fixed the PS4 error code NP-32470-6 and started enjoying the game smoothly. If the problem still persists, you should contact the PS4 Support Center and report the same problem there.