Overwatch 2: Fix Voice Chat Not Working Issue on PC/ Xbox

Overwatch 2 designed with more fun and faster action sequences than its first edition. Almost all players consider this game as one of the best multiplayer games released these days. But few players are not happy with the game as they could not talk to their teammates when they are in the middle of mission; sadly, they complained that their voice chat not working in Overwatch 2.

If you are also suffering from the same issue, then you have lots to do. In this article, we have listed all the possible solutions to fix your Overwatch 2 voice chat not working issue effectively. So you should go through the end of this article and solve your issue. Have a look.

Causes for the Voice Chat Not Working Issue in Overwatch 2

  • Accidentally muted microphones
  • Game don’t have microphone access
  • Disabled headset microphone

Fixes for the Voice Chat Not Working Issue in Overwatch 2

If you are a PC user, you can follow these instructions to resolve your issue. To do so,

Restart your PC

If this Overwatch 2 voice chat not working issue is due to any bugs in your system, a simple restart will help you. Doing so will rule out most of the minor glitches in the system, and may solve your issue.

Choose Microphone as Default Device

You can set your microphone as default device by follow these steps,

  • Open Control Panel screen->select Hardware and Sound->click on Sound->choose and right-click on your Microphone and set as default device.

Allow Microphone Access

  • Open Microphone Privacy Settings window-> enable Microphone Access option->enable Let desktop apps access your microphone option.

Disable Allow the Game to Take Exclusive Control Option

  • Open Control Panel->select Hardware and Sound-> choose Sound->right-click Microphone->Properties.
  • On the new screen, select the Advanced tab and disable the Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device.

For Xbox users,

If you are an Xbox user, then you can follow the below given workarounds,

Adjust Voice Chat Settings

  • Open Overwatch 2-> Select Start->click on Options->Sound->Voice Chat-> select Group/Team Voice Chat->Auto Join->select Voice Chat Mode and open Mic.
  • Once done, check your issue resolved or not.

Enable Headset Mic

  • To enable Headset Mic- press Xbox button-> select Audio & Music section and turn ON Headset mic.
  • Now you can check the game voice chat working or not.

Set party Chat Output

  • Open Xbox settings-> select General->Volume & Audio output->select Additional options->select Party Chat output and select Headset & speakers instead of Speaker or Headset option.

Use Push to Talk or Change Voice Chat Mode

To use Push to Talk- Open Menu-> select Controls->Communication-> select Voice Chat-> select Push to Talk.

To change Voice chat mode- open Menu->Sound->select Voice Chat->Capture and change to Voice Chat Mode. 

Hard Reset Xbox

Another solution is to hard reset your Xbox. To do so,

  • Press and hold your Xbox button for 10 seconds or until console turns off-> unplug the power cable and system leave it for few minutes.
  • Then you can connect back the power cable and system and then turn On the console.

These are all about the Overwatch 2 Voice Chat not working issue on PC and Xbox. If you have any concerns related to the information given above, then you can list your doubts in the command box below.