How to use the Immersive View feature in Google Maps?

Google have been launched the latest feature for Google Maps app, Immersive View, in February 2023. Traveling may be speculated, but Google’s latest upgradation to maps tries to tip the clashing in your commendation through AI.

Google Maps’ latest characteristic, Immersive View, builds dynamic 3D models of traveling places in various cities over the globe. Here you will know how you can utilize it in making a vacation planning pro. According to Google, Immersive View permits you to feel like you are enjoying a new place without possessing to leave the house, it is best for planning an approaching trip, or just inspecting for fun.

At Google I/O 2023, the company declared that it is lengthening the capacities of Immersive View, too, and it will soon task with seamanship, making it extra functional than before.

What is meant by Google Map Immersive View?

Immersive View is a type of feature that Google Maps provides, it is a 3D view of places in Google Maps. It can be zoomed, planned, and tilted similar to other Google maps permitting you to have a great look at the place. It may sound like Live View, Google’s AR maps attributes, but it jobs very variously. But it is different from Live View, live view helps you in holding your phone and using the camera for navigating whereas Immersive View builds a 3D providing a place and delivering you a bird’s eye view.

This feature was launched last year, ensuring the introduction of 3D models of important landmarks, and is presently being turned out to map users.

This refers that along with sufficient images, Google can imitate the building from any angle, as regards any time, to an elevated degree of validation without all the attempts of creating models of whole cities one leading light at a time.

Presently, the characteristic is only reachable on the google maps mobile app for a little part of users and is not still available on desktops. Whereas classifying mobile features get on from a use-case outlook, is a little saddening that you will not be able to see any of these models at an elevated resolution than your phone screen for a period.

How to use Immersive View?

Using an immersive view is very simple, and you can use it anywhere and anytime, and will not cost you a penny. It must be present in your Android but also must be working on iOS in the coming future, too. At present time it is not working on the mobile app, but Google is planning to bring it to the desktop at some point. If it is available on your device, then using it is simple:

  • Check that your Google map is updated to the latest version.
  • Now open google maps
  • Choose a location in a peaceful area
  • If the feature is present, there will be 3D furnishing of the place directly under its name, here user-contributed images will normally be.
  • Search for a place in one of the carrying cities
  • Now tap the Immersive View card that pops up at the bottom-left
  • If you want to look at the accurate lightning or weather, click time and whether at the bottom-left  

Cities that support Immersive View

Google has been turning out Immersive View slowly, it begins with Tokyo, London, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Then in February, it declared that immersive view is approaching Dublin, Florence, Amsterdam, and Venice.

Google Maps have carried out enlarging locations that are present in Immersive View, at Google I/O in May, it raised that Las Vegas, Paris, Miami, Berlin, San Jose, and Seattle will be carried out in 2023.

Immersive View for Routes

Concerning its annual developer conference, Google I/O, the company declared the latest feature that is on the way. Presently, an immersive view helps you in exploring a particular place by searching for it and undertaking an immersive view, shortly you can do a similar thing with directions.

In google maps you can look for directions commonly, then you can click a pop-up cast that permits you to use an immersive view. Then you will see a 3D view of your way, along with traffic data and whether that is right for your destination or not.

Features that are being updated along with this update

With an immersive view, an expanded reality system known as search with Live View is being included in Maps. Search with Live View refers to seamanship at your location. In peaceful cities, you can open your google maps and raise your phone to eye-level for getting a readout of nearby businesses and restaurants, you can get information related to ratings, hours, and whether the restaurant is busy or not, with locations of parks, ATMs, and transit stations.

The function creates the already available live view which utilizes supplemented reality for helping in finding taxis, stands, car rentals, restrooms, and other services. The available live view is presently being upgraded with more than 1000 locations over Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Google is also including more in-depth EV charging data for vehicles with Google Maps built-in, and “intelligible” lock screen navigation notifications when biking, walking, or communicating on public transport. 


These are all about the Immersive View Feature in Google Maps. Anyway, users can use Google Maps Immersive View feature on any phone or device and explore your destination in 3D view.