How to sprint in Fortnite on PC/Xbox/PS4 and PS5

The good news for Fortnite players is that they can now move faster than ever with the tactical sprint feature. You’ve already noticed this feature and will be excited to see if it works on your PC / Xbox/ Nintendo Switch / PS4 and PS5. Yes, the game developers introduced this feature to compensate for the lack of building, which threw up a defensive barrier for protection. This advanced tactical sprint feature is especially helpful when it comes to the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 seasonal update, and players will get a better chance to get away from danger.

Generally, no one wants to get left behind; if you want to run faster across the map, all you have to do is press a single button that varies from platform to platform. Anyway, keep reading this article to learn how to do a tactical sprint at Fortnight. Let’s have a look.

Sprint in Fortnite on PC

If you want to sprint in Fortnite on your system, press the left-hand Shift button on your keyboard as your character moves. Hold down the left-hand Shift button while trying to run your character on arid land and notice the change in speed of movement.

Set the Sprint in Fortnite on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

You want to sprint in Fortnite on your Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, just press on LSB (Left Analogue Stick) while your characters move. This will help you to speed up the running of the characters and make the game more thrilling.

Sprint in Fortnite on PS4 and PS5

You want to sprint in Fortnite on your PS4 and PS5, simply press on L3 (Left Analogue Stick) while your characters move. This is an easy process you need to do to increase the movement of your characters.

Sprint in Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

For those on Nintendo Switch, simply press the Left Analogue Stick from the left-hand Joy-Con.

Note: This brand-new tactical sprint feature is very helpful, but we remind you not to rely too much on this feature as it can only get used for a limited time. Check at the bottom of the screen to see how long you can use this feature and how long it takes to recharge.

These are all about to sprint in Fortnite on PC/Xbox/Nintendo Switch/PS4 and PS5. If you have any queries or concerns regarding this article, you can leave a comment in the comment box below.