How to recover data from a hard drive

Hard drives are one of the core components that save and secure your data for a long time. However, they aren’t the full proof method, and either hardware or software errors can sometimes make the Hard drives damaged and unreadable. Now the biggest issue is to recover all the important data saved in those Hard Drives safely.

When your Hard drive becomes unreadable, damaged, or corrupt, recovering your personal and important data becomes your priority. Recovering data from a hard drive is not difficult, and we have found some quick solutions for the same. Have a look down below and check which of them helps you easily.

Different Methods to recover data from a hard drive

Way 1: Boot in Safe Mode

The first solution for recovering data from a hard drive is by “Booting in Safe mode”. Now the process might differ depending upon the Windows version you use. We have explained dedicatedly for each Windows version below:

For Windows 7 users,

  • Press the F8 key during the Start-up and then select Safe Mode from the given menu.

For Windows 8 and above version users,

  • Press the F8 key or the combination of Shift + F8 key during the Start-up—further select Safe Mode from the given menu.
  • Now use the Windows File Explorer to locate the data and once you find it, save it in a different storage device.
  • Once you are done with transferring the data, clean your PC with any of these,

Third-party antivirus

Third-party PC optimizer and cleaner

Or, Simply Reset.

Way 2: Recover the Data Manually

For recovering data manually from a hard drive, follow the steps given down:

  • Firstly, remove the Hard drive from your operating device.
  • Now connect the old hard drive to another computer by replacing its existing hard drive.


  • Slot it into an additional port.


  • You might need to buy an enclosure that matches your hard drive’s specs.
  • Once you have inserted the HDD into an enclosure, you will connect it to another system via USB cable.

Please Note: In case the Computer or Laptop (from which you removed the Hard drive) was password-protected, then any other computer will deny you access to the newly installed HDD. Here you will require to follow some additional steps as well.

  • Firstly right-click over Users Folder or Documents and Settings depending upon the Windows version you are using.
  • Now navigate to Security -> Advanced -> Owner.
  • Here select edit and then click on Administrator.
  • Further tick the checkbox before the option Replace owner on sub containers and objects.
  • Click on OK and then click on Yes if prompted.

Way 3: Use a third-party data recovery tool

One of the easiest and quickest methods for recovering data from a hard drive is via using a third-party data recovery tool. There are several such tools available online; make sure you use only a trusted and reliable one.

These were some of the quick and easy ways that you can perform in order to recover data from a hard drive. However, if none of the above works for you, then the last resort is to handle your PC to an expert. Connect with any local repair service and get your data recovered via some professional hardware expert.

At the end of this article, we hope that you will be successful in recovering data from your hard drive. After reading this article if you have any doubts or queries, write down the comment in the comment box.