How to install Microsoft Edge on Chrome OS

Even though Chrome books were initially built for running Google Chrome, the latest edition of Linux made it easier to install other browsers like Microsoft Edge as well. Today, if you want to use Microsoft Edge’s features on your Chrome OS, you can easily install the browser and continue to use its benefits.

Before you begin installing Microsoft Edge’s latest Linux client, you will first require to enable Linux on your Chromebook. Further, you can install Microsoft Edge on Chrome OS by the steps explained below. Have a look:

Steps to install Microsoft Edge on Chrome OS

  • Firstly, navigate to your Chromebook’s Settings window. You can do so either from the quick settings panel or from the app drawer.
  • Now scroll down the list of options and locate Linux (Beta). Once you find it, click over the Turn On tab beside it.
  • On the following window, click on Next.
  • Now you will require to specify the Linux partition’s username and disk size. (However, if you will not install more than a few Linux apps, then you can leave this information section as default).
  • Now when you are done, click on Install. Hereafter, Chromebook will begin with the downloading and configuring process of Linux and will auto-launch the Linux terminal once it is done.
  • Once it is done, now install Microsoft Edge. For doing so,
  • Launch Google Chrome and then navigate to Microsoft Edge’s download portal. There click on the Blue Download tab and then select Accept and Continue in the following pop-up.
  • Further, double-click and launch the file Chromebook has recently downloaded and then click on Install.
  • Now click on OK.  In the next 1 or 2 minutes, Chromebook will install Microsoft Edge, and further, the browser will be available in the app drawer.

Installing Microsoft Edge on Chrome OS is quite an easy and hassle-free task. After using the steps mentioned above, you can further use the Microsoft Edge browser, typically like you use the other browsers.

Also, while the Microsoft Edge app is active on your Chromebook, consider right-clicking on its icon and then pin it permanently to the row of apps at the desktop taskbar. It will make it easier when you will launch the Microsoft Edge browser the next time. After reading this article if you have any doubts or queries, please write down the comment in the comment box.