How to Install and Play games on Noise Smart Watch

It is no secret that Noise is popular for the music and accessories it produces, and it is now quite in demand in the market today. Moreover, it is commendable that they continue to come up with innovative ideas, along with using technology to make it accessible to everyone. One of these inventions from this Noise brand is the Noise ColorFit Icon Buzz Smart watch, which includes calling and gaming features. So if you are confused how to install and play games on Noise smart watch, keep reading this article till the end!

Can you install and play games on Noise Smart Watch?

The answer depends on the operating system. So as Noise produces multiple smart watches and each product’s operating system determines whether games can be installed or not. From our research, it is discovered that Noise ColorFit Icon Buzz has in-built games installed already and other products do not include games.

How to Install and Play games on Noise Smart Watch

As we have already mentioned, not all Noise smart watches, support the Android or iOS operating systems.  It is possible that these smart watches may be powered by proprietary operating systems that do not allow them to access app stores or other sources of games. It may be impossible to install games on the smart watch, or there may be limited options available.

The ColorFit Icon Buzz and Noise Champ 2 Kids Smart Watch both come with built-in games. There are two games built into this smart watch: Floppy Bird and Hamster.

It sounds exciting to have games built into your smart watch, doesn’t it? As it is already installed, here’s how to play

  •       To Turn On the Smartwatch, long press the Lower button.
  •       Scroll and go to the Game section.
  •       It has two built-in games to keep you entertained, so if you’re bored or need a break, tap the smartwatch and choose a game you want to play.

Which is the latest smartwatch of Noise?

The latest smartwatch produced by Noise is  NoiseFit Halo Plus Elite Edition Smartwatch

Can games be installed on all models of noise smart watches?

You can install games on a Noise Smart watch if it runs the Android or iOS operating system.

Does the Noise smart watch support apps?

The NoiseFit app allows you to sync with Google Fit.

Wrapping up!

Now you have a clear view about installing and playing games in Noise SmartWatch. So if you are crazy about playing games, you can easily opt for the Noise ColorFit Icon Buzz Smartwatch. This smartwatch has a ton of cool features and is really budget-friendly.