How to Fix Windows Update Error 0xc0000374

Did you receive the Windows Update Error 0xc0000374 directly when updating your Windows 10 to the latest build? Then you are not alone. In this article, we have come up with some accurate solutions to fix the said error. This is not a severe error, and any user without even a high level of technical knowledge can quickly resolve the 0xc0000374 update error. 

There are several reasons behind the same error. For example, when you update Windows, any of your system files get corrupted, or any update cache is configured, then the said error might appear on the screen and keep you from a smooth update process. However, regardless of the cause of the error, several solutions are available. So, if you are experiencing a similar error, this article will help you to fix the said error. Let’s move on to the sure-shot solutions.

Fixes for the Windows Update Error 0xc0000374:

Fix 1: Run Update Troubleshooter: 

Affected users can use the Windows 10 built-in Update troubleshooter feature as the first trick to erasing the Windows Update error 0xc0000374. The troubleshooter will check for any bugs and errors and will fix them automatically if found anyone. To run Update Troubleshooter, follow the steps below,

  • Firstly, press Windows + I altogether to open the Settings app. 
  • Inside the Settings, select the Update and Security section and click on Troubleshoot option from the left-pane menu.
  • Then click on the Additional troubleshooters link from the right-pane menu.
  • In the next window, select Windows Update and click on the Run the troubleshooter tab. 
  • Once the process gets completed, restart your system and check the said issue get resolved or not.  

Fix 2: Clean Windows Update Temporary Cache Folder:

Some suffered users eventually managed to get rid of the Windows Update error 0xc0000374 issue by cleaning the Windows Update temporary cache folder. Here we also recommend the same. For doing so, follow the steps given below,

  • Firstly, press Windows + R altogether to open the RUN dialog box.
  •  Then inside the Run dialog text box, type the following command and then press OK.


  • Now you will enter it into the SoftwareDistribution folder. 
  • You have to erase all the contents of this folder. For this, you can choose the shortcut key Ctrl + A. This will select all files and folders at a time.
  • Further, go to the Services window and from the list, select Windows update and right-click over it.
  • Then select Restart using the shortcut menu. 

Once done, restart your system and check the said issue get resolved or not. 

Fix 3: Install the Latest Cumulative Updates:

If you get the Windows Update error 0xc0000374 soon after installing the latest security patch, then the problem lies in the cumulative update itself. In this situation, you can take two decisions, one is to roll back the Operating system to the previous state, or you need to install the latest Standalone package manually. 

To install the latest package, visit the Cumulative Update Catalog and check is there are any new patches available or not. Once you noticed the needed “KB” number, download and installed it on your system.  You can follow the below-given steps to move further,

  • Firstly, visit the official website, Microsoft Update Catalogand in the search box, type the KB number you need to download.
  • There you can see a list of matching results; choose one among them, as per your system architecture. 
  • Now click on the Download button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. 
  • Then double click on the downloaded setup files to upgrade the OS. 

Fix 4: Run SFC Scan: 

Some suffered users resolved the Windows Update error 0xc0000374 issue by running the SFC scan. You can also try the same. For doing so, follow the below-given steps,

  • Firstly, in the desktop search bar, type cmd and open the Command Prompt window. Here make sure you opened it with administrative access.
  • Then in the Command Prompt window, type or copy+paste the following command and then press Enter. 

sfc/ scannowsfc/ scannow

  • Your system starts the scanning process; it may take some time. 
  • Once the scan is completed, all the corrupted system files might get repaired. 
  • Finally, restart your system and check for the said error. 

Fix 5: Clear Update Path Using Registry: 

If any of the above solutions didn’t help in your case, then you need to clear the Windows download path via Registry. To make changes, follow the below steps, 

Note: If you are not technically skilled and not familiar with modifying key entries in the Registry, we recommend you skip this solution. Even a single mistake can cause a big issue with your system. 
  • Firstly, press Windows +R simultaneously to launch the RUN dialog box and type regedit in the text box, then press OK. 
  • In the Registry window, go to the below path. 


  • Now from the right-side menu, select DWORD keys, such as WUServer and WIStatusServer. 
  • Then right-click on each of them and select delete from the drop-down menu.
  • Once done, restart your system and check for the said error.
Note: In case you failed to find any resembling keys, you can’t clean the path.

These are the sure solutions to fix the Windows Update error 0xc0000374 issue on Windows 10. However, even after trying all the above solutions the said error persists, then you need to move to some advanced fixes like System backups, Resetting your PC and perform a clean install Windows 10.

We hope the details given in this article is helpful to you. However, if you have any queries or doubts after reading this article, then please leave a comment in the below-given comment box.