How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80073BC3

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Operating System is one of the up-to-date operating systems available worldwide for millions of users. While this operating system might be very popular, there are plenty of issues that you can encounter while using it, and updating it regularly is an essential part of maintaining a secure and efficient computing environment.

There are a number of updates to choose from, ranging from small patches to major upgrades of the system, and they are available on a regular basis. It is understandable that updates are vital, but they can often cause issues that prevent the process from going smoothly. However, Windows Update Error 0x80073BC3 is a common problem that most users encounter. No worries! Here we will explain how to fix Windows Update Error 0x80073BC3. So keep reading till the end!

What is Windows Update Error 0x80073BC3?

Windows Update Error 0x80073BC3 is nothing but the technical error which you often encounter on your way to installing an update or an application. A system error indicates that the package could not be installed due to resource conflicts. Even though this error appears to happen randomly, it is usually the result of a variety of causes, including

·       Pending Windows Updates

·       Unreliable software

·       Antivirus software conflicts

·       Corrupted system files

·       Hardware conflicts

·       Inadequate hard drive space

To solve this error, you must identify the source of the problem and find a solution that works. It may be necessary to run the built-in Windows System File Checker to determine that there are no file corruptions on the system, to free up space on the hard drive to accommodate new updates, or to uninstall incompatible software that may interfere with updating. It’s important to remember, however, that some users may find these solutions daunting as they require technical knowledge. So for those, we have listed down the ways to fix Windows Update Error 0x80073BC3 in the below section.

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80073BC3

Solution 1: Launch the Windows Update Troubleshooter

A glitch or bug in your Windows Update components can cause the Windows update error 0X80073BC3. By following these steps, you can run the Windows Update troubleshooter to resolve the problem.

·       Click on the Windows button from the desktop > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot option.

·       On the right panel of the screen, click Additional troubleshooters, then under Get up and running, choose Windows Update and choose run the troubleshooting tool to help resolve the issue

Solution 2: Clean up your hard drive

If there isn’t enough storage space on your computer for the Windows update, you can perform a disk cleanup by deleting all files that are no longer needed.

·       In your Windows search box, type “Disk Cleanup” and click on the first result.

·       You will need to select the disk where you installed your system and click the OK button.

·       Click on Clean up system files and select the drive that needs to be cleaned up.

·       Select the folders and files that use the most data and click “OK”.

Solution 3: Perform SFC and DISM

Performing SFC and DISM scans can help fix the error code 0X80073BC3 caused by system file corruption.

·       Using the desktop search box, enter Command Prompt and start it as an administrator.

·       Type sfc /scannow in the black screen and click on the Enter key to continue.

·       When you have done the above, you can close the window and restart the computer to see if the error persists; if it does, you can open the Command Prompt window again with admin rights in order to execute this command – dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth.

·       Once done, restart the system and the issue might be erased completely.

 Solution 4: Remove the second system drive

There is an option to delete the useless system partition if you have two system-partition-included drives. Here’s how to do it.

·       Tap on the “Start” icon and select Disk Management.

·       Right-click the redundant system partition and select Delete Volume from the menu.

·       After that, you can try updating Windows to see if the error 0X80073BC3 is fixed.

Solution 5: Clean Boot or Uninstall Anti-Malware Software

There is a possibility that Windows Updates can be interfered with by some anti-malware software. Using a clean boot method, Windows launches with fewer drivers and startup programs, allowing conflicts with other software to be detected.

·   Attempt the update again after temporarily disabling your anti-malware software.

·   Press Win + R altogether, type “msconfig”, and hit enter if the problem continues

·   Then move to the Services tab and tick the checkbox near the “Hide all Microsoft services” option.

·   Select the disable all option.

·   Next, click on the “Open Task Manager” link under the Startup tab.

·   Next, right click on each entry that does not belong to the Windows operating system and select “Disable” from the menu.

·   Shut down the Task Manager, restart your computer and retry to update the system.

Our opinion: Perform regular backups of your data

When you have successfully resolved the error 0X80073BC3, we strongly recommend that you regularly back up your data. Data loss can occur sometimes as a result of the Windows Update failure, according to users who have experienced it.

You can use any reputed free backup software, which can back up your operating system, files, and folders. The backup time can be configured via the options > Schedule Settings menu if you want to perform that as a scheduled task.

A reputable backup software will have an intuitive interface that allows you to perform backups quickly and easily. Some software may even offer a 30-day free trial version.

Wrapping up..

We hope these 5 fixes will resolve Update Error 0x80073BC3 in Windows 10 or 11 no matter whether it occurs when installing Windows updates or .Net Framework updates.