How to Fix the Shaders Optimization Stuck Issue in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the favorite first-person shooter games of this generation, and more and more gamers are downloading this game to experience an incomparable gameplay. But the most irritating issue faced by many gamers is Shaders Optimization Stuck error, due to which they are unable to play the game.

The Shaders Optimization is a process that enables when gamers first install a game like Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone, or after updating their graphics driver or game itself. As per some players, when running the game after the upgrade, they received an error message says, “Installing Shaders to optimize performance during gameplay” and the process not completed. If you are also suffering from same issue, then you should follow the fixes mentioned below. Have a look.

Fix 1: Restart Shaders Optimization

The first attempt to resolve the Shaders Optimization issue is restarting the game. To do so,

  • Open the game-> Go to Settings->Display->locate and select Restart Shaders Optimization option and proceed with the process.

Fix 2: Clear Cache

If you are trying to run the game on Steam, clear the download cache and launch the game again to get rid of the same issue. To do so,

  • Open Steam->select Steam option from upper left corner->click on Settings->Downloads->click on Clear Download Cache.
  • Once done, you can retry to run the game and see your issue eliminated.

Fix 3: Check System Requirement

If the problem persists, you need to check the minimum requirement to run the game on the system. You can go through this link to know the game minimum requirement.

Fix 4: Update DirectX

Sometimes updating your DirectX package will allow you to escape the Shaders Optimization Struck error quickly. To do so,

  • Open DirectX-> choose Language and click on Download button, install the downloaded latest version on your system and relaunch the game to see the improvement.

These are all about the Shaders Optimization Stuck issue in Modern Warfare 2 and its fixes. If you have any concerns related to the information given above, then you can list your doubts in the command box below.