How To Fix Rockstar Games Launcher Offline Mode Error

Rockstar Games Launcher is a handy app used to play Rockstar games on PC. The process of using this app is very simple, but sometimes it throws up errors and problems. As we said, some game lovers recently complained about the Offline Mode error, which resulted in their Launcher not being detected by the network and failing to connect to the internet. 

The same issue can have numerous causes, including antivirus intervention, minor bugs, and more. If you are struggling with the same problem, then don’t worry; it is a temporary problem and can easily be solved. However, in this article, we have listed a few solutions to overcome the Rockstar Games Launcher Offline Mode Error. Let’s have a look. 

Fix 1: Restart Rockstar Games Launcher

The first try to resolve the Offline Mode error in Rockstar Games Launcher is restarting the app. A simple restart will help you eliminate most minor bugs from the app, which will run smoothly after the process.

Fix 2: Delete Social Club Folder

Another solution to resolve the Rockstar Games Launcher Offline Mode error is deleting the social club folder from the Rockstar Games Launcher folder. To do so, 

  • Firstly, close the Rockstar Games Launcher and open the File Explorer. 
  • Then click on the Documents and open the Rockstar Games Launcher folder.
  • In the new screen, locate and right-click on the Social Club folder and select the Delete option. 
  • Once done, relaunch your Launcher and log in using your account credentials and see the improvement.

Fix 3: Disable Antivirus

Sometimes disabling your third-party antivirus will help you to fix the Rockstar Games Launcher Offline Mode error easily. Antivirus sometimes interrupts the apps running on the system and causes many issues. So, temporarily disable your antivirus and run the game with your Launcher.

Fix 4: Use a VPN

In most cases, a similar ‘Offline Mode’ error can get fixed by installing a trusted paid VPN. You can follow this trick and install a paid VPN on your system and see the improvement. A good VPN can help solve network problems and improve the gaming experience.

Fix 5: Reinstall the App

If none of the above fixes help you to resolve the Rockstar Games Launcher Offline Mode error, then you need to uninstall the same launcher app from the system. Once done, restart the system and install the app from a reliable source again and feel the difference.  

These are all about the Rockstar Games Launcher Offline Mode error and its fixes. If you have any queries or concerns regarding this article, you can leave a comment in the comment box below.