How to Fix Overwatch 2 Login Error Code BC-153 on PS4/PS5/Xbox

Overwatch 2 is now available on all major platforms for avid gamers. But unfortunately, since the time of its release many players have encountered different errors and disconnection issues; one such problem we are discussing here is Login Error Code BC-153. Since Overwatch 2 is widely recognized as a popular live service game, it might be painful for you to stay away from the game while your friends are endlessly enjoying the gameplay.

If you are one of the players facing error code BC-153 in your Overwatch 2, then you can follow this article to get all possible solutions. Here we have gathered a few solutions to get rid of your issue at the earliest. So, go through the solutions and enjoy the game.

Fix 1: Check the Internet Connection

The first solution to fix login error code BC-153 in Overwatch 2 is to check your internet connection. You start with the basic trick, so make sure your internet connection is stable and accurate to play the game smoothly.

Fix 2: Test Internet Connection on Console

Another solution to fix the same problem is to check your internet connection on your console. To do so,

On PlayStation– click on Settings->Network->choose Test Internet Connection and see the result.

On Xbox– click on Xbox button->select Profile & System-> Settings->General option->select Network settings and click on the Test Network Connection and see the result.

Fix 3: Check Server Status

If the game servers are down or under maintenance, you will get login error code BC-153 on your Overwatch 2 screen. In this case, you can check the Overwatch 2 server status and start the game once the issue gets resolved.

Fix 4: Retry to Login

As per some players, they fix the same error by trying to log in to the game multiple times after getting the same error code on the screen. You can also try to log in to the game and if you are lucky, your effort will find the result.

Fix 5: Restart the Game

Sometimes reinstalling Overwatch 2 and launcher can help you get rid of the same issue. Once done, retry to log in to the game and see the result.

Fix 6: Restart PC/Console

If the error persists, you should restart your system and console to eliminate most minor temporary bugs. Once done, you can quickly log in to your game.

Fix 7: Contact Support Center

If none of the solutions listed above helps you, you should report the error to the Blizzard Support Center and they will find the appropriate solutions for it.

These are all about the Overwatch 2 Login Error Code BC-153 on PS4/PS5/Xbox and its fixes. If you have any concerns related to the information given above, then you can list your doubts in the command box below.