How to Fix Gundam Evolution Controller/ Gamepad Not Working on PC

Gundam Evolution is a free to play FPS game from the Gundam series where players pilot mobile suits from the smash hit Gundam anime. Anyway, the game has gained millions of fans and players within this short time of release. But a few players are not happy as Gundam Evolution controller/gamepad not working on their PC.

If you too are having trouble enjoying the game, then don’t worry, this tutorial will help you. Here we have listed some solutions to resolve Gundam Evolution controller/gamepad not working issue quickly and effortlessly. So, you can follow this article without losing time to enjoy the game. Have a look.

Fix 1: Restart the System

If your system has any minor glitches, it will not work properly as you might expected and will lead to many problems. In this case, you need to restart your system to clear those bugs and start the system afresh.

Fix 2: Disable Steam Input

If the issue persists, then you need to disable Steam Input option and try to run the game again. To do so,

  • Open Steam->click on its Library->right-click on Gundam Evolution icon->select Properties.
  • Then move to Override for Gundam Evolution section-> choose Controller option->click on the Down Arrow ->select Disable Steam Input option.
  • Now check the game controller/gamepad is working fine or not. If not, then you need to revert the settings and check the next solution.

Fix 3: Launch in Big Picture Mode

In some instances, launching the game in Big Picture Mode will resolve the same issue. To do so,

  • Open Steam->click on Library->choose Gundam Evolution -> click on Big Picture Mode from the screen top right corner and click on Continue.Library
  • Then click on Library->choose Games-> click on Gundam Evolution -> press on Play button.
  • Now try to run the game and see the issue again bothers you or not.

Fix 4: Configure Controller

Sometimes a wrong configuration of your controller might lead to similar problems. In this situation, you should reconfigure your controller and resume gameplay. To do so,

  • Open Steam->click on Library->choose Gundam Evolution -> from the upper left pane menu click on Steam->select Settings from the drop-menu.Controller
  • Further choose Controller option->click on General Controller Settings-> choose your Controller from the list and relaunch the game smoothly.

Fix 5: Forced OFF Steam Input Per Game Settings

Another solution to resolve the Gundam Evolution controller/gamepad not working issue is turning off the Steam Input Per Game Settings. To do so,

  • Open Steam->click on Library->choose Gundam Evolution icon-> select the Big Picture Mode from the upper right side of the window->click on Continue option.
  • Then select Steam->choose the Library-> click on Gundam Evolution.
  • Then click on Manage Game-> double-click on Controller Options-> click on Down Arrow-> choose Forced OFF option -> save the changes, and launch the game.
  • If the issue till troubling you, then go back to the Controller Options page again, and this time select Forced ON option and relaunch the game.

Fix 6: Remove External Components

You might need to remove all external devices connected to your system before trying to run games like Gundam Evolution. Once the devices are disconnected, you can launch the game and play without any issues

These are all about the Gundam Evolution controller/ gamepad not working issue on PC and its fixes. If you have any concerns related to the information given above, then you can list your doubts in the command box below.