How to Fix Ghostwire Tokyo Controller Not Working or Not Detected on PC

Ghostwire Tokyo is a recently released highly acclaimed action-adventure video game developed by Tango Gameworks. The game has been plagued by some technical glitches since the first day it was released. Now some players pointed out that the Ghostwire Tokyo controller is not working nor detecting on their system.

The same issue can happen due to several reasons as well as a few possible solutions also available there. If you are walked out of the Ghostwire Tokyo due to the Controller not working issue, then you can pursue this article. Anyway, we have tried to list a few effective solutions to tackle the same issue quickly. Then let’s have a look.

Fix 1: Configure the Controller

The first solution to resolve the Ghostwire Tokyo controller not working issue is configuring your controller. To do so,

  • Firstly, open Steam and go to its Settings section.
  • Inside the new screen, click on the Controller option and then choose the General Controller settings.
  • Now choose your controller (Xbox, PS4, PS5).
  • Finally, relaunch the game and run it without the said issue.

Fix 2: Update Controller Driver

If the controller driver installed on your system is not updated, you cannot run the game smoothly. The most effective solution here is to update the driver. You can go to the official website of your controller manufacturer and see that the controller driver has been updated; if not, update it to the latest version.

Fix 3: Deactivate Other Controller Software

If any third-party controller is activated on your system to run the game, then you need to disable those controllers at the earliest. To do so, 

  • Firstly, open the Task Manager window on your system screen.
  • Inside the new screen, locate and disable third-party controller software.
  • Finally, restart the system, run the game again on your system, and check for improvement. 

Fix 4: Reconnect Controller

Sometimes simply reconnecting your controller will help you to resolve the Ghostwire Tokyo controller is not working issue quickly. Once done, relaunch the game and check the game’s performance on your system.

Fix 5: Contact the Support Team

If any of the above solutions do not help you, then you should connect with the Ghostwire Tokyo support team for further assistance. The support team, as soon as possible look into your issue and resolve it.

These are all about the Ghostwire Tokyo controller is not working or not detected issue on PC and its fixes. If you have any queries or concerns regarding this article, you can leave a comment in the comment box below.