How to Fix FIFA 23 EA Anti Cheat Service Encountered an Error

A few FIFA 23 players reported that they received an error prompt EA AntiCheat “Failed during the update process” when trying to launch the game on their system, while a few players reported it as the “EA AntiCheat Service encountered an error. Please restart the game.”After the error message appeared on the screen, it stopped the players from running the game, and they are very disappointed about it.

If you are also suffering from the same situation and getting trouble starting the game, you can follow this article. Here we have listed a few solutions that help you to resolve your FIFA 23 EA AntiCheat Error Failure During Update Process or EA AntiCheat Service Encountered Error quickly. Then let’s have a look.

Fix 1: Restart the System

The first attempt to resolve the FIFA 23 EA AntiCheat Error “Failure During Update Process” or “EA AntiCheat Service Encountered an Error” issue is restarting your system. this will help to eliminate most of the minor bugs from the system and starts the system afresh.

Fix 2: Relaunch the Game

If the same error persists, you should restart the game two or three times in a row. This process may help you to get rid of the same problem.

Fix 3: Run Origin/EA as Administrator

Sometimes launching (Origin or EA) as an administrator can help you solve the same problem. To do so,

  • Close all applications running on your system and exit from the game.
  • Then in the search box type, “Origin” or “EA”, and from the search result, right-click on it and select Run as administrator.
  • Once done, you might not receive the same error message.

Fix 4: Use EA App/ Origin to Run the Game

If you are currently using the EA app to run the game, close the app from your system, open Origin (as an administrator), and launch FIFA 23 and see the result. Likewise, the game could get opened in the EA app if you use Origin to run the game.

Fix 5: Repair the Game Files

Another possible solution is to check and repair FIFA 23 files and launch it without similar issues. To do so

  • In both EA/ Origin apps, you need to open FIFA 23-> click on the Settings->click on the Repair.  
  • Once the process gets completed, launch the game and see if the error persists or not

Fix 6: Update EA/Origin App

If your EA/Origin is outdated for any reason, then also you will receive a similar error message. In this case, you need to update and relaunch the game.

Fix 7: Reinstall EA/Origin App

Sometimes you need to uninstall and reinstall EA/Origin app from its official website to get rid of similar errors.

Fix 8: Launch the Game as Administrator

At times launching the game as an administrator will allow you to continue the gameplay without any issues. To do so,

  • Go to the Game Installation folder-> right-click one FIFA23.exe file-> select Run as administrator from the sub-menu.
  • Once done, you can run the game without the said error prompts.

Fix 9: Reinstall EA AntiCheat For FIFA 23

In most cases reinstalling the EA AntiCheat will help you to escape from the EA AntiCheat Error “Failure During Update Process” or “EA AntiCheat Service Encountered an Error” issue in FIFA 23. To do so,

  • Open the EA folder from the File Explorer-> select AC folder-> select and right-click on the EAAntiCheat.Installer.exe file and choose Run as administrator.
  • On the new screen, click on the Arrow button select FIFA 23-> click on Uninstall button.
  • Once done, again click on the Install button and launch the game directly from the game installation folder.

Fix 10: Disable Antivirus

If you are using a third-party antivirus program, you need to temporarily disable the antivirus program and launch the game. If the game launches smoothly, the problem is with your antivirus, and you should switch to a more reliable antivirus program.

Fix 11: Reinstall the Game

If none of the above solutions helps you, you should completely uninstall the game and reinstall it from a trusted source. Once done, you may no longer get the discussed error message.

These are all about the FIFA 23 EA AntiCheat Error “Failure During Update Process” or “EA AntiCheat Service Encountered an Error” issue and its fixes. If you have any concerns related to the information given above, then you can list your doubts in the command box below.