How to Fix Blurry Screen on macOS

MacOS allows its users to perform their tasks smoothly and comfortably, which no other computer can do. But unfortunately, sometimes it shows many kinds of problems. As we said, these days few users are working on their MacOS, they notice that the screen is blurry, the texts are thin and the images lack sharpness.

If you are worried about blur screen on your macOS, you can follow this article. In case, your MacBook is connected to an external display, the text on the screen will be blurred. Anyway, here we have listed a few surefire solutions to resolve the same issue quickly. Let’s have a look.

Reason for Blurry Screen on macOS

The primary cause of the blurry screen is anti-aliasing changes in macOS. However, macOS no longer has subpixel anti-aliasing, only standard monochrome subpixel anti-aliasing. Although anti-aliasing is provided by supersampling, the display is rendered at a higher than native resolution.

Fix 1: Restart macOS

The first step to resolving the Blurry Screen on macOS is restarting the system. this procedure will help to eliminate minor bugs which are present on your Mac and you will be able to start the device afresh.

Fix 2: Update macOS

If your macOS is not up-to-date then also you will receive a blur screen. In this case, you need to update your macOS to the latest build. To do so,

  • Click on Apple icon->System Preferences->Software Update-> and click on Upgrade now button.
  • Once done, you can use the device without blur issues.

Fix 3: Check External Display

If you have multiple external displays connected to your macOS, you may also face a blur screen. Here you can go to the tech specs page and check how much external display your system supports.

  • Select Apple menu->About This Mac-> double-click on serial number->press Command-C and copy it.
  • Then move to the Tech Specs screen->select the Search Tech Specs bar->click on Command-V-> click on Search.
  • Select the Specs page and find out how many displays your Mac supports under Video Support.

Fix 4: Adjust Resolution

Sometimes adjusting the Mac screen resolution will help you to resolve the blur screen issue. To do so,

  • Select Apple menu-> System Preferences->Display
  • Then select the External Display option->press and hold the Options key while clicking Scaled to open the Additional resolutions option.
  • Now select resolution from the option-> click on the Done button.

Fix 5: Clear Cache

In some instances, removing the cache will help you to escape from the same issue. To do so,

Clear Mac System Cache,

  • Open Finder-> select Go tab->select Go to Finder.
  • On the new screen type, ~/Library/Caches-> click on the Go button.
  • From the Cache folder delete unwanted files and save the changes.

Clear Mac Browsing Cache,

  • Open Safari->Preferences->Advanced tab->Enable Show Develop menu.
  • Move to Develop section->click on Empty Caches option.

Fix 6: Restart the PRAM (or NVRAM)

Sometimes the problem could be your PRAM (or NVRAM). The best possible solution here is to reset the PRAM (or NVRAM). To do so, 

  • Firstly, Shutdown Mac-> turns it ON after a few seconds->before the gray screen appears, press and hold Command, Option, P and R keys simultaneously until you hear the second beep sound.
  • If your Mac with T2 Security Chip, press and hold the above keys until the Apple logo appears and disappears, then release the keys.

Fix 7: Adjust the Energy Saving settings

If the blur screen issue keeps bothering you then you need to adjust the Energy Saving settings option. You can change the Settings and choose the suitable option. 

Fix 8: Check the Cable

Another way to solve the same problem is to check your cable connected to the external display. You can disconnect the cable/adapter and reconnect it properly. Along with this, you can use a USB-C or Thunderbolt adapter.

Fix 9: Adjust Brightness

You can also adjust the brightness of your Mac display to fix the same problem. You can press the F1 key to increase brightness and F2 to decrease brightness. Also, you can adjust the display brightness for each external display by selecting the System Preferences->Displays option.

These are the quick fixes to resolve the Blurry Screen on macOS. If you have any concerns related to the information given above, then you can list your doubts in the command box below.