A217FXXU5BUA5: Galaxy A21s January 2021 Security Patch

On this page, you will find the January 2021 security patch for the Samsung Galaxy A21s (SM-A217F). The update is based on Android 11 and brings nothing new except the security patch. This firmware has the version number PDA A217FXXU5BUA5 with the operating system Android 11 which is supported only for the Samsung Galaxy A21s (SM-A217F).

In January 2021 security patch, Google has addressed multiple security vulnerabilities affecting the Android runtime, framework, system, and media framework. Samsung has also patched the vulnerabilities that were found in Android OS as well as Samsung’s own software.

Samsung started rolling the January 2021 security patch to Galaxy A21s via OTA (over the air) for users. If you have not received it yet, you can flash the build number A217FXXU5BUA5 manually using the ODIN flash tool. Check whether you already received the OTA update on your device by following the below steps.

Check Software Update Manually:

To check software update manually, go to Settings ->Software Update -> Download and Install

If you have any updates, you can download and install them on your Galaxy A21s.

A217FXXU5BUA5: Galaxy A21s January 2021 Security Patch

If you have not received any update, you can now download and install the January 2021 security patch on Galaxy A21s manually by following this step given below.

Instruction to Install:

Step 1: Download the ODIN flash tool and extract it on your PC in a new folder called ODIN

Step 2: Download and extract the firmware file (A217FXXU5BUA5) in the same folder where you extracted the ODIN tool

Step 3: You should get 5 files to flash it on your Galaxy A21s such as

AP (System &Recovery)

BL (Bootloader)

CP (Modem / Radio)

CSC_*** (Country / Region / Operator)

HOME_CSC_*** (Country / Region / Operator)

Step 4: Open the ODIN flash tool and add each file into the respective field.

Note: Use CSC_*** if you want to do a clean flash or HOME_CSC_*** if you want to keep your apps and data.

Step 5: Turn off your device. To boot into download or Odin mode, try this different combination:

For a device with the Bixby button: 


For all other Samsung device, you can try any method given below:

Option 1 VOLUME DOWN + VOLUME UP then USB cable



Option 4 (For Galaxy Note 9) USB cable + VOLUME DOWN + BIXBY

Option 5 (For Galaxy Note 10 Series) POWER + VOLUME UP

Step 6: Once your device enters download mode, you can connect your device using the USB cable. Odin will detect your device and will show up blue box with the COM port number. If not, make sure you have to download the latest Samsung USB drivers and used the original USB cable to connect.

Note: Don’t select any other extra option except F.Reset Time and Auto-Reboot.

Step 7: Tap on the Start button to begin the installation process. It will show PASS in a green box and your device will reboot with the new security patch: January 2021 and build number A217FXXU5BUA5.

Step 8: You can disconnect the USB cable from your phone and PC.

That’s it. I hope this guide was useful to flash the build number A217FXXU5BUA5 on your Galaxy A21s (SM-A217F)