Fixes for the Tales of Arise Crashes/Freezes/Fatal Error and Black Screen Issue on PC

Tales of Aris is an adventure fighting game developed by Bandai Namco. The game was initially released on August 20, 2021, and is now available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Series S, and Microsoft Windows platforms. Nowadays, several players have been reporting that the Tales of Arise is crashing; sometimes, they are getting fatal errors and encountering a Black screen while launching the game.

There are several reasons for the same error, such as overlay feature, outdated graphics driver or corrupted game files. However, you don’t need to worry about the causes; in this article, we gathered solutions to overcome all the causes. You can walk through this guide to the end to get the most out of it. To get in touch with the solutions, have a look down below.

Some Workarounds:

Before moving to the sure solution, you can try these tricks;

  • Check the minimum system requirements to run the Tales of Arise.
  • Disable unnecessary services running in the background. You can disable those unnecessary services through the Task Manager.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Tales of Arise.

Fix 1: You can Verify the Integrity of Game Files:

As a first attempt to resolve the Tales of Arise crashing and Black Screen issue, you need to verify the integrity of game files. Sometimes the game can crash or freeze as a result of corrupted or missing game files in the game. To verify the game files, you can follow these below steps,

  • Firstly, launch the Steam and go to the LIBRARY category.
  • Then from the list of the games, select the Tales of Arise, right-click over it and select the Properties option.
  • Now from the left pane menu, click on the LOCAL FILES option and then select the Verify the integrity of game files from the right side of the screen.
  • Once done, relaunch the game and check the previous issue persists or not.

Fix 2: Update Driver:

The missing or outdated graphics driver can also cause the Tales of Arise to crash and freeze. In this scenario, the best solution is to update the driver as soon as possible. To update the Graphics driver, you can follow these below steps,

  • Firstly, go to the official website of your Graphics card manufacturer (NVIDIA, AMD, INTEL, ASUS) etc. 
  • Then search for the latest available version for the driver. Ensure the driver must be compatible with your Windows version (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Once you find the right one, then download and install it on your system.

You can also update the Graphics driver using a reliable third-party tool. There are several third-party driver updating tools available online; you can select a trusty one from them. 

Fix 3: Update Windows:

It doesn’t matter which version of Windows you are using; if it is outdated, you will also encounter crashing and freezing issues on any games. Here you need to update you Windows to avoid such issue in future. To update Windows, you can follow these steps,

  • Firstly, right-click on the Start button and select Settings from the context menu.
  • Then in the Settings window, choose Update & Security category.check for updates
  • Now from the right side of the screen, select Window Update and click on Check for updates Tab. 
  • If there is any update pending, your Windows will download and install it automatically. This process takes up some time, so be patient. 

Fix 4: Disable Overlays:

If you enable overlay for better multitasking performance, it can sometimes adversely affect the game and lead to crashes and freeze errors. Here we advise you to turn off the overlay. In your case, you enabled overlay while playing the Tales of Arise; follow these below-given steps to disable it,

  • Firstly, open the Steam and go to Library.
  • Then select the Tales of Arise in the game list, right-click over it and select Properties.
  • In the Properties window, select General and untick the checkbox beside the option Enable the Steam overlay while in-game.
  • Once done, restart the game and check the said issue is resolved for you or not.

You can also turn off the Steam overlay for all games. To do so, follow these below-given steps,

  • Firstly, open the Steam client and go to its Settings. 
  • Then select In-Game from the left pane menu and untick the option Enable the Steam overlay while in-game. 
  • Once done, click on the OK button and check for improvement.

Fix 5: Clean Boot the System:

If any of the above solutions did not help you resolve the Tales of Arise crashing and black screen issue, you need to perform a clean boot for your system. At a clean boot, your system will start freshly with a minimum set of drivers and services. To perform a clean boot, you can follow these below steps,

  • Firstly, in the taskbar search box, type system configuration and launch the first search result.System Configuration window
  • In the System Configuration window, go to the Services tab and tick beside the option Hide all Microsoft services and click on Disable all tab and OK. System Configuration
  • Then move to the Startup tab from the top horizontal menu and click on the Open Task Manager link.
  • In the Task Manager, go to the Startup tab and select all startup services from the list and click on Disable.
  • Once done, restart the system and check the said issue is resolved or not. If yes, then again go to the System Configuration window, select the Services tab and enable all the services one by one until you find the problematic item from the list. Once found, remove it from your system permanently. 
  • Now the game will run on your system smoothly. 

These are all about the Tales of Arise crashing and black screen issue and its fixes. If you have any queries or doubts after reading this article, please leave a comment in the below comment box.