Fix: Windows Media Center Issue on Windows 11

Windows Media Center is an all-rounder media solution tool developed and designed by Microsoft. But recently, few Windows 11 users have reported some issues while using this tool. If these types of handy tools get in trouble, it can be a big hassle for users who work endlessly on a PC. According to some users, their Media Center tool crashes and sometimes throws errors.

The same irritating issue might have many causes, including damaged services, outdated drivers, and many more. If you’re having issues with your Windows 11 Media Center, you can follow this article until the end to quickly get all the effective solutions. Let’s have a look.  

Fix 1: Remove Recently Installed Apps/Services:

If you are having issues with Windows Media Center in Windows 11, you may need to uninstall recently installed apps/services on your system. Sometimes any third-party apps/services can cause a lot of issues on the PC. To do so,

  • Firstly, go to the Start menu and click on the Settings icon from the menu list.
  • Then select the Apps option from the left pane menu and click on Apps & features.
  • Now locate recently installed apps, click on the three dots beside the same and select the Uninstall option from the sub-menu.
  • Finally, restart the system and check your Media Center is working fine or not.

Fix 2: Update Driver:

If any of the drivers installed on your Windows 11 are corrupted, Windows Media Center will start throwing errors. The most powerful solution is to update the drivers to the latest version. To do so,

  • Firstly, select the Search box on your Windows 11 taskbar, type Device Manager, and open the top result.
  • Inside the newly opened window, expand Display adapters and select Graphics driver.Update driver
  • Then right-click on the chosen Graphics driver and select the Update driver option from the sub-menu.
  • Finally, restart the system and check now your Media Center is running smoothly or not.

Fix 3: Update Windows:

Sometimes outdated Windows might be the main culprit behind the Windows Media Center issue on Windows 11. In this scenario, you should check for the Windows update and see the result. To do so,

  • Firstly, go to the Start menu and click on the Settings icon from the menu list.
  • Then select the Windows Update option from the bottom left pane menu.Windows 11 update
  • Now click on Check for updates button and let the process complete on its own.
  • Finally, relaunch the tool and see now is it works well.

Fix 4: Run CHKDSK Tool:

Another solution to overcome the Windows Media Center issue on Windows 11 is running the check disk utility. To do so,

  • Firstly, type cmd in your taskbar search box and open the Command Prompt window as administrator privilege.
  • Then inside the black screen, type the following command and press Enter button,

chkdsk /f C:

  • Here ‘C:’ indicates Drive C; if you need to scan Drive D, type ‘D:.’
  • Finally, restart the system and see your Media Center running without any trouble.

Fix 5: Rename EpgListings Directory:

As per some users, renaming the EpgListings directory helped them to resolve the Windows Media Center issues. So you can also follow the same trick. To do so,

  • Firstly, press Windows + E altogether to open Windows Explorer.
  • Then type or copy then paste the following path in the address bar and press Enter,


  • Now rename the directory as EpgListings1 and save the changes. 
  • Finally, restart the system and see the changes helped you or not.

Fix 6: Perform a Clean Boot:

If any of the above solutions do not help you, then you need to perform a clean boot. To do so,

  • Firstly, type System Configuration in your Search box and launch the first result.
  • Then select the Services tab and tick the checkbox Hide all the Microsoft services option.
  • And press Disable all and OK button.System Configuration
  • Next, move to the Startup tab and choose the Open Task Manager link.
  • Then select the Startup tab and disable all the services available in the list.
  • Once done, check the issue is solved. If yes, then move to System Configuration->Services-> Enable all the services one by one you early disabled.
  • Finally, locate problematic services from the list and remove them from the system permanently.

These are all about the Windows Media Center issue on Windows 11, and its sure fixes. However, if you have any queries or doubts after reading this article, then please leave a comment in the below-given comment box.