Fix: Update Error C0000022 on Windows 10/11

Recently few Windows users are troubled with the fatal error C0000022 while trying to install the latest cumulative update on the system. The error is not only limited to Windows 10 but Windows 11 users are suffering from the same. 

There could be several reasons for the same issue, such as both hardware and software issues. But resolving them is not a herculean task. Here in this article, we have gathered a few surefire solutions that might definitely help you to resolve Update Error C0000022 on Windows quickly. Then go through the list of solutions and find out which one will help in your case. 

Fixes for the Update Error C0000022 on Windows 10/11

Go through the below given solutions one by one and resolve your issue.

Fix 1: Restart the System

The first try to resolve Update Error C0000022 on Windows system is simply restarting the system. While doing so, most of the minor technical glitches will be eliminated from the system and you might be able to operate the system without any trouble. 

Fix 2: Use Safe Mode

If you are having trouble installing the latest updates on your Windows 10/11, then you can install the updates through Safe Mode. To do so, 

  • In the Windows Desktop Search bar, type “System Configuration” and open the top result. 
  • Then click on the Boot tab from the top bar of the newly opened window. 
  • Now tick the checkbox beside Safe Boot and Network.
  • Finally, click on the Apply and OK button and restart the system.

Now you can install the latest update through Safe Mode. 

Fix 3: Use Automatic Startup Repair

Another solution you should try is running the Startup repair tool from the recovery mode. 

  • Firstly, enter into Recovery Mode and click on the Troubleshoot option. 
  • Then choose the Advanced option and click on the Startup Repair tab from the next screen. 
  • Now be patient until the repair process gets completed. Once done, your system will restart automatically or ask you to restart the system.
  • Finally, you can install the latest update smoothly on your system. 

Fix 4: Check Hardware Issues

Sometimes the Update Error C0000022 on Windows can occur as a result of hardware issues. In this scenario you should check your system hardware components such as power cables, network router, drivers etc. if everything is fine, then you can retry to install the latest updates. 

Fix 5: Update From Microsoft Catalog Page

If all above fixes fail in your case, then you should go to Microsoft Catalog page and install the latest update from there. To do so, 

Microsoft Update Catalog
  • Then download the updates compatible files from the new screen and install it on your system smoothly and you are done with the process. 

These are the top solutions you can try to resolve Update Error C0000022 on Windows. If your network connection is not properly working then also you will be able to install the updates, so along with all these fixes check your network connection as well.