Fix: Street Fighter 6 Crashing/ Freezing or Fatal D3D Error on PC

Good news for street fighter game lovers: Capcom released its latest game, Street Fighter 6, on all major gaming platforms. In the game, players can enjoy an incomparable street fight experience, and they are able to play World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub. But few players are unable to play the game due to sudden crashes and fatal D3D errors.

If you are experiencing similar issues, then don’t worry here is everything for you. In this article we have listed a few reliable solutions you can try to resolve crashing or freezing or fatal D3D errors on Street Fighter 3. Then go through the solutions and run the game smoothly on your system. 

Fix 1: Run as Admin

The first attempt to resolve the crashing issue in Street Fighter 6 is launching the game with admin access. 

  • Open the game installation folder, right-click on Streetfighter6.exe and choose its Properties.  
  • Inside the new screen, tick Run this program as an administrator option and click on the OK button.

Fix 2: Update Driver 

If you are facing Fatal D3D Error in Street Fighter 6, then you should check and update your graphics driver. 

  • Open Device Manager, click and expand Display adapters, choose your Graphics card. 
Update driver
  • Right-click on the card and select the Update driver from the sub-menu and relaunch the game. 

Fix 3: Repair Game Files

Sometimes repairing the game files will help you to resolve the Street Fighter 6 Crashing/ Freezing issue quickly. To do so, 

  • Open Steam and go to the Library, right-click on the Street Fighter 6 icon and select Properties
  • Then click on Local Files and choose Verify integrity of game files and relaunch the game to see its improvement. 

Fix 4: Disable V-Sync

You can disable the V-Sync feature to resolve Fatal D3D Error in Street Fighter 6. This trick helped in the case of several players, so try the same and see if it helps you or not. 

In NVIDIA- Open NVIDIA Control Panel->Manage 3D Settings->disable Virtual Sync feature.

In Intel Graphics- Open Intel Graphics Control Panel->3D General Settings->Custom Settings-> disable Virtual Sync option and relaunch the game.

Fix 5: Install Visual C++ Redistributables and DirectX

If you are still unable to access the game, then you need to reinstall Visual C++ Redistributables packages and DirectX on your device. 

Visual C++ Redistributables– Open Visual C++ Redistributables webpage-> choose X86 and X64 files-> install them on your system. 

DirectX– Open DirectX webpage-> click on Download button and install the file on your system 

Once done with the installation, relaunch the game and start playing without any issues.

Fix 6: Launch in DirectX 11

Some gamers reported that launching the game in DirectX11 helped them to resolve crashing or freezing issue in Street Fighter 6. 

  • Open Steam and move to the Library section, right-click on Street Fighter 6 and choose its Properties
  • On the new window select the General tab and under the Launch Options type ‘dx11’ and save the changes. 

Fix 7: Reinstall the Game

If none of the above solutions help you, then you should uninstall the game from your device. Once done, reinstall the game and run the game to see the improvement in its performance. 

These are quick and easy solutions you can try to resolve Street Fighter 6 Crashing/ Freezing or Fatal D3D Error on PC. Along with all these you can disable background running apps and antivirus programs temporarily and see if that helps you.