How to Fix Steam Cloud Error: Quick Fixes 2023

Steam Cloud is a feature of the Steam platform that allows users to sync their game data. It enables users to access their saved games and achievements from any computer that has the Steam installed. But few players have been stuck with Steam Cloud error and complained of losing their game progress.

Whether you are playing the game offline or accidentally disabled the cloud sync, you will encounter the Steam Cloud error. There are many other reasons for the same error to occur on the Steam platform.

Anyway, if you are suffering from the same issue, then go through the solutions listed here and start playing the game without losing your saved data. Then let’s have a look. 

Fix 1:Force Sync the Files

The first solution you can try to resolve the Steam Cloud error is force Sync Steam files. To do so, 

  • Close Steam and after a few seconds reload it, then click on the Retry Sync option next to the Play button, and force sync the files and see the result. 

Fix 2: Check Internet Connection

If your Internet connection is not working properly, Steam will not be able to sync your files. In this case, you will get a Sync Cloud error. Here you can check and make sure your system is connected to internet service and is stable.

Fix 3: Check Server Status 

If the Steam servers are down or in maintenance mode, there is a chance to get a Steam Cloud error. Anyway, this is a temporary problem and can gets fixed in a few minutes. You can go to the Steam server status page and check whether the server is running or not.

Fix 4: Restart Router

If you are using the internet for a long time, then any minor glitches can cause the connection to hang. In this case, you can restart the router and modem and see if the Steam Cloud error still bothers you or not.

Fix 5: Verify Game Files 

If the problem is with the game itself, you can check the integrity of the game files. Sometimes games that contain huge data can get corrupted and lead to many problems. Verifying game files is the best solution in such cases.

  • Open Steam-> go to Library-> right-click on problematic game icon-> Properties-> Local Files and click on the Verify integrity of game files option and start the game. 

Fix 6: Repair Game Files

Another solution to resolve Steam Cloud error is repairing game files. To do so, 

  • Firstly, click on Steam (from the top left side), select Settings-> choose Downloads and click on the Steam Library folder option.
  • Then click on Settings option from the File Directory and click on the Repair folder
  • Now all the files in the Steam folder get repaired, and you will never get the same error again.

Fix 7: Disable Antivirus

In most cases, antivirus installed on your system might interfere with the Steam function and cause to appear Steam Cloud error. Here you can disable third-party or Windows Firewall temporarily and see if it helps or not. 

  • Open Control Panel->System and Security->Windows Defender Firewall->click on Change notification settings.
  • Then tick beside the Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) option and see the result. 

These are the solutions you can try to resolve Steam Cloud errors. In addition, you can reinstall the game or contact the Steam support team and expand the problem in detail. They will help you solve the error and you will never face the same problem again.