Fix: Install the TWAIN Driver on Windows 10

TWAIN driver is an important driver for all Windows systems. It acts as a bridge between the scanner hardware and graphic software and, this software is very important to allow an imaging device to acquire an image. As well as save the image directly to a TWAIN-compliant imaging application. But some users recently complaining that while they, trying to install the TWAIN driver, getting an error message- “There is no TWAIN-compliant device installed while using their scanners or printers”.

Anyway, this error is not a serious one and, you need to eliminate this error as quickly as possible otherwise; it may cause your system to freeze or crash. In this article, we have compiled some reliable solutions to terminate this error. So, stay with us, till the end of this article, and resolve this error from your system easily. Let’s see how.

Fix 1: Use automated software:

Before moving to any other fix, firstly you need to use any automated software to install any outdated, corrupted or missing drivers for you. If any of the drivers installed in your system is corrupted or missing it may interrupt the smooth system experience and may trigger varied errors. So here we recommend, use a trusted third-party driver installation tool available online, it will help to install the latest drivers in your system quickly and without any effort.

Fix 2: Window Update:

Every Windows update brings new features to help to scrap existing errors and bugs on your system. Hence, here in order to escape from this issue, you can update your Windows to the latest available update. To update Windows you can follow these steps,

  • Firstly, press Windows + I to launch the Settings window. Then go to the Update and Security section.check for updates
  • Then in the newly opened window, select Window update and click on Check for update tab.
  • Now the Windows will scan for the latest updates and install them on your computer. It may take some time, so be patient.
  • Once the update process completed, the said issue get solved now.

Fix 3: Use the Printer Driver selection:

As per some of the suffered users, changes made in the Printer driver selection helped them to resolve the TWAIN driver installation issue. We recommend you can also try the same here.

  • Firstly, in the Desktop search bar, type, Settings and open the relevant search result.
  • In the Settings menu, move to the Devices section and then select the Printers and scanners option.settings
  • Then from the right pane menu under the Related Settings, click on Print Server Properties. Now in the Print Server Properties window from the vertical menu, select the Drivers tab.Print Server Properties
  • Further, click on ADD tab; you can see it at the bottom of the window.
  • When the Welcome to the Add Printer Driver Wizard screen appeared, select Next.
  • Inside the newly open window, in the Processor Selection dialog box, select the device’s architecture.
  • Then click on Next.
  • Also, in the Printer Driver Selection dialog box, from the left pane, select the printer manufacturer; from the right pane select your Printer driver as well.
  • Finally, click on Next and Finish. Then follow the on-screen instructions to add the driver.
  • Once done, check the said issue get resolved or not.

Fix 4: Install the latest Driver:

As per some suffered users, installing the latest driver on your computer might resolve the said issue. We also suggest you to try the same in you case. To install latest driver, follow these steps,

  • Firstly, visit your driver manufacture’s official website and search for the latest drivers suitable for your printer or scanner.
  • Then download the driver and follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver safely.
  • Once installed, restart your system and check for the said error.

Fix 5: Uninstall and Reinstall the printer/scanner:

All the above fixes did not help in your case, then you can uninstall and reinstall the printer on your system. Follow the below steps to uninstall the driver,

  • Firstly, in the desktop search bar type, Settings and open the relevant result.
  • In the settings window, click on Devices and select the Printers and scanners option.Settings
  • Then under the Printers and scanners section, find your device.
  • Select the device and click on the Remove device tab.

To reinstall the device, follow the steps given below,

  • In the same Printers and scanners menu, select the option Add a printer or scanner.Settings
  • Wait for some time to find the device, then select Add device. (There is a chance to ask to add select a name for your printer or enter the password of Wi-Fi to sync the device to your system)

These are all about installing a TWAIN driver on your system if any issue happened while you tried to install it. All the fixes are simple and easy to complete.

We hope that one or other fix given in this article might help you in your case. After reading this article, have any doubts or queries, please write down the comment in the given command box.