Fix: Disney Dreamlight Valley Crashing/ Lagging/ Low FPS/ Black Screen or Not Launching on PC

The recently released Disney Dreamlight Valley is an incredibly exciting game for Disney fans to explore a magical world of Disney. This new life-sim adventure game lets you discover rich stories and build great neighborhoods with Disney and Pixar heroes and villains. As well as you can also experience a dream of living with iconic characters including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and more. But unfortunately, few players are unable to play the game due to crashing or not launching issues.

If you are not allowed to move from the world of reality to the magical valley, you can follow this article. In this article we have listed few solutions to quickly overcome your crashing or lagging problem in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Then let’s have a look.

Some workarounds:

  • Install the latest Game Patch
  • Close unwanted background services/apps
  • Disable Antivirus
  • Update Windows
  • Check System Requirements

If the above listed quick fixes do not help you then you can go to the detailed solutions.

Fix 1: Update Graphics Driver

If your graphics driver gets corrupted or damaged, it will affect the performance of the game and you will not be able to run the game smoothly. The most effective solution here is to update your driver to the latest version and try again to start the game. To do so,

  • Open Device Manager window->expand Display adapters->right-click on Graphics driver-> select Update driver.Update driver
  • Once done, you can start the game again to see its improvement.

Fix 2: Run as Administrator

Sometimes Disney Dreamlight Valley needs an administrator privilege to overcome some obstacles and run smoothly on your system. In this case launching the game with administrative access will be effective. To do so,

  • Go to Game installation folder-> right-click on Disney Dreamlight Valley.exe file-> select Properties.Run as admin
  • On the new screen, select Compatibility tab->select Run this program as an administrator option and relaunch the game.

Fix 3: Verify Game Files

During the installation process, any game files get missing or damaged, then also you will encounter crashing or freezing issue in Disney Dreamlight Valley. In this situation you must verify the game files to escape from the same. To do so,

  • Open Steam->Library->right-click on Disney Dreamlight Valley-> select Properties.Verify integrity of game files
  • On the new screen, select Local Files->click on Verify integrity of game files.
  • Once the process get completed, relaunch the game and see the improvement.

In Epic Games,

  • Open Epic Games Store->Library-> select Disney Dreamlight Valley-> click on the three dots beside the same and select the Verify option.

Fix 4: Lower Graphics Settings

In most cases, games with high visual effects and high-definition graphics may not be compatible with your system configuration. So, you can go to the game graphics settings and disable anti-aliasing and lower all settings, and likewise, you can switch to windowed mode. Once the changes done, you can restart the game. Don’t worry, these changes won’t affect the quality of game visuals.

Fix 5: Disable Overlays

At times disabling the Overlays will be helpful to escape from the Disney Dreamlight Valley crashing or not launching issue quickly. To do so,

If you are using GeForce Experience, click on the Settings icon from the home screen and turn off toggle beside the In-game overlay option and see the result.

In the case of Discord, click on its Settings icon-> choose the Overlay option and turn off toggle beside the Enable in-game overlay option and see the result.

Fix 6: Enable Game Mode

Another solution to escape from the Disney Dreamlight Valley crashing or Low FPS issue is enabling the Gaming Mode on your system. To do so,

  • Firstly, type “Game Mode” in your system search box and open Game mode settings page.
  • From the new screen, turn ON toggle beside Game Mode option and see the result.

Fix 7: Install DirectX

If the DirectX program installed on your system gets corrupted, you may face crashing or black screen problem. In this case you need to uninstall the current program and reinstall its latest version on your system. To do so,

(First of all, you need to uninstall the DirectX program from your system)

  • Open DirectX page-> choose Language, click on the Download button and install them on your system.
  • Once done, you can start the game and see its improvement in the performance.

Fix 8: Disable Overclocking

If you have enabled the overclocking feature to increase the game performance, it sometimes leads to many problems and prevents the game from playing. In this case you need to disable the overclocking feature and start the game.

Fix 9: Install Visual C++ Redistributable

If your system is running without the latest version of the Visual C++ Redistributable package, you will face similar problems. The best solution here is to reinstall the Visual C++ redistributable on your system.

(First of all, you need to uninstall the Visual C++ Redistributable package from your system)

  • Open Visual C++ Redistributable-> click and download x64, x86 files and install them on your system.Visual C++
  • Once done, you can relaunch the game, and it will run smoothly on your system.

Fix 10: Run the Game on Dedicated GPU

Sometimes running the game with a dedicated GPU can help to solve the Disney Dreamlight Valley crashing or not launching issue. To do so,

  • Firstly, type ‘Graphics’ in your search box and open the top result from the search.
  • On the Graphics Settings window, select the Graphics Performance Preference option.
  • On the newly appeared screen, click over the Browse and choose Disney Dreamlight Valley from the installation folder.
  • When Disney Dreamlight Valley added to the list, click on the three dots and, choose the Options.Graphics settings
  • Now choose High Performance from the prompt, save the changes and relaunch the game to feel the improvement. 

Fix 11: Reinstall the Game

If none of the above solutions help you, you can completely uninstall the game from your system. Once finished,  restart your system and reinstall the game from a trusted source to see its improvement.

These are all about the Disney Dreamlight Valley Crashing/ Lagging/ Low FPS/ Black Screen or Not Launching issue on PC. If you have any concerns related to the information given above, then you can list your doubts in the command box below.