Fix: Craftopia Black Screen and Lagging Issue

Craftopia is a brand new game released on Steam with more exciting features like hunting, farming and more enjoyable stages. However, along with all the entertaining features, the Craftopia game is not free from errors and bugs. Some gamers lately reported that they encounter Craftopia Black Screen and Lagging Issue while playing the game.
There are several reasons for the said error; if the GPU driver gets corrupted or, low system configuration might trigger the Craftopia Black Screen and Lagging Issue. If you are also struggling with the same issue, then you can follow this article. Make sure you stay by the end of this article and try the solutions mentioned below. Let’s see the solutions in detail.
Fixes for the Craftopia Black Screen and Lagging Issue:
Fix 1: Update Graphics driver:
You may need to update your GPU driver without further thought when encountering the Craftopia black screen and logging issue. Updating their GPU driver has helped some users eliminate this problem, so we recommend it here as well. To update your driver, you can follow below given steps,
Firstly, in the desktop search bar, type Device Manager and select the first search result from the list.
Then inside the Device Manager window, go to the Display adapter section and double-click on it to expand the option.
You will find the graphics card, right-click over it, and click on Update driver from the option.
If any prompt appeared, click on Yes.
Once done, you restart your system and relaunch the game and check whether the said issue gets resolved or not.
Fix 2: Open the game in windowed mode:
Some users experienced the Craftopia Black Screen and Lagging Issue and managed to launch the game using the Windowed mode, which helped them resolve the said issue. The Windowed mode allows users to use multitasking on the same screen. To enter into Windowed mode, follow these steps,
Firstly. Launch the game, then press the Alt + Enter key altogether.
Now you can enter into the Windowed mode, and now the issue affected game will start to display.
Once done, now you can check for the exact issue, and you are not capable of resolving the said issue, then contact any professionally skilled technician.
Fix 3: Change Settings in NVIDIA Control Panel:
If you encounter a Craftopia black screen and logging issue, you can change your graphics card settings. This issue has helped many users to avoid the same issue. To kmake change in settings, follow these steps,
Firstly, launch the game on your system and disable in-game v.sync.
Then launch the NVIDIA control panel and go to the Manage 3d settings option.
Inside the settings window, click over the option Program Settings and select the game.
You are now carefully following the changes below that should apply to your settings.
Turn Off: Anti-aliasing-FXAA and Anti-aliasing-Gamma Correction
Change settings in CUDA GPUs to All
Set Low Latency Mode as Ultra.
Now Set Power Management as Prefer Maximum Performance.
Texture filtering – Quality turn to High Performance
Switch Off Triple Buffering and Turn ON Vertical sync.
Once done, restart your system and check for the said error; in case the said persists, Turn OFF the Vertical sync option and check again.
Fix 4: Verify the Integrity of Game Files:
If all of the above solutions do not help you get rid of Craftopia black screen and logging problem, you can check the game file integrity as a last resort. To check the integrity, follow these steps,
Firstly, launch the Steam app and then go to the LIBRARY section.
In the LIBRARY section, you can see the list of games; from the list, select and right-click over Craftopia, then select its Properties.
In the newly opened window, select the LOCAL FILES tab from the top horizontal menu and select VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES.
Now the Steam will check the integrity of game files. The scanning takes some time to get complete.
Once done, restart your system and check whether the said issue gets resolved or not.
These are all about the Craftopia Black Screen and Lagging Issue and its fixes. Now keep in mind, this game is a recently launched one, and it takes some time to come out with more fixes, and we can expect it shortly. If you have any queries or doubts after reading this article, please leave a comment in the below comment box.