Motorola XT2043-7 Firmware Flash File (Stock ROM)

  • Version Android 10
  • Download 100
  • File Size 1.9 GB
  • File Count 5
  • Create Date February 1, 2021
  • Last Updated June 1, 2021

Here we have shared the latest stock ROM for Moto G Stylus XT2043-7 (sofiap). You can download and flash the firmware file on your Motorola XT2043-7 using the flash tool

Firmware Installation Guide:

    1. Boot your device into bootloader mode.
    2. Connect your Motorola XT2043-7 to the PC using the USB Cable.
    3. Download Stock ROM/Firmware and extract it inside the adb and fastboot folder
    4. Inside the ADB folder, open the command window and enter the following command
      fastboot oem fb_mode_set 
      fastboot flash partition gpt.bin 
      fastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img 
      fastboot flash vbmeta vbmeta.img 
      fastboot flash radio radio.img 
      fastboot flash logo logo.bin 
      fastboot flash boot boot.img 
      fastboot flash dtbo dtbo.img 
      fastboot flash recovery recovery.img 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.0 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.1 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.2 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.3 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.4 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.5 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.6 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.7 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.8 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.9 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.10 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.11 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.12 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.13 
      fastboot flash super super.img_sparsechunk.14 
      fastboot flash erase userdata 
      fastboot flash erase ddr 
      fastboot flash dsp dspso.bin 
      fastboot oem fb_mode_clear
    5. Now your device will reboot into bootloader with the firmware you installed.

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