Dark Mode Task Manager Concept on Windows 11

Who doesn’t love a change! The new Microsoft Windows 11 comes with exciting changes in all aspects, from updated UI improvements in performance and design. The new rumor is coming out from a corner that the latest Windows 11 is coming with Dark Mode Task Manager. Although, in this short time, this new feature has received wide acclaim and has been welcomed by millions of users from different parts of the world.

As in our previous articles, we mentioned the minimum requirement for Windows 11. Similarly, we have already discussed some of the attractive features of Windows 11 as well. This time we come up with an indescribable new feature of Windows 11- Dark Mode Task Manager. The first image of the modified dark mode impression of Task Manager appearing on social media gives a nice and warm look.

However, Microsoft has not officially approved or announced this feature as it has gone viral on social media. Users awaiting Windows 11 have already been captivated by the new Dark Mode Task Manager feature. Its seems just like seeing the sky with stars in the bright night. The white Segoe UI Variable fond letters with black background give Windows 11’s new Task Manager a gorgeous look.

We now have a clear idea that we can expect more from the new Windows 11. Day by day, more exciting features are reporting from some corners of social media.

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