Fix: ‘Connecting to your Account’ Error on Minecraft Legends

A few gamers have recently complained of getting an error message when try to launch Minecraft Legends- ‘Connecting to your account’. Once they get the same error prompt, they freeze the startup screen and are unable to launch the game.

If you are facing the same error in your Minecraft Legends, then you can follow this article to get the best result. Here we list a few solutions that may help you make the ‘Connecting to your account’ error prompt disappear from the game screen, so you can resume the game quickly. Then let’s have a look.

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Explain “Connecting to your Account” Error

The error mostly appeared as a result of poor internet connection. When you try to launch the game, the game takes the initiative to search for your account and log in to your account. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll face similar network issues.

Fixes for the ‘Connecting to your Account’ Error on Minecraft Legends

Fix 1: Check Internet Connection

As we said earlier, the most important cause of ‘connecting to your account’ error is bad internet connection. In this case, you should check and make sure your network connection is working without any issues. Beyond that you can restart your modem and router to clear the mounted cache, which will help the network connection work smoothly.

Fix 2: Restart the Device

The next solution you can try is to restart your system. If any minor glitches prevent the game from running smoothly on your device, the restart process will help you to eliminate those glitches. So you might be able to run the game smoothly on your system.

Fix 3: Ignore the Error Message

According to some players, they waited 30-60 seconds in front of the “Connecting to your account” error screen and were able to log into the game. So you wait for a few minutes for the error prompt to automatically disappear and start the game. It doesn’t work for all gamers. So consider this a rare possibility.

Fix 4: Exit from the Launcher

If you are using Steam to play the game, exit from Steam and restart the application. You can follow the same trick on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Fix 5: Disable VPN

If you use a VPN service, it sometimes interferes with the game and causes similar problems. In this case, you can disable the VPN service and see the problem gets solved for you. Along with this, check your firewall and antivirus tool.

Fix 6: Clear Cache

Sometimes mounted cache can cause a ‘connecting to your account’ error in Minecraft Legends. In this case, you should clear cache files on PlayStation, PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Once done, you can start the game and, the discussed error message will no longer be seen.

Fix 7: Contact Support Team

If none of the above solutions help you, then you should contact the Minecraft Support Team. They will check the problem and give you valuable advices to resolve the error message.

These are the top solutions you can try to resolve ‘Connecting to your Account’ Error on Minecraft Legends.