CherishOS- Overview

As you know, CherishOS is a cloud-based network management software from Auvik that gives true network visibility and control. Additionally, this operating system features real-time network mapping and inventory tracking, meaning users always know exactly where the users are, even when they’re on the go. Although this ASOP-based ROM mainly focuses on unique and smooth UI with handy features and reincarnation of Pie-based Dot-Extended OS.

CherishOS has Pixel UI Noodles by Hung Phan. Coming to CherishOS, you will find many features which you will not find in any other ROM. All the features you dreamed of and, everything you need can be found in this ROM. Now you can switch to CherishOS and flash and enjoy its unlimited features


Enjoy Customization, CherishOS provides many handy features that you can use or change in this ROM. Here you are entitled to enable vibrations for call connection, change notification settings, gaming mode, themes, screenshot type, charging settings, UI style and more.


Coming to gestures, Cherish rom provides full-screen navigation gestures which users can change as they like. In this ROM, Edge music control gesture, media notification background with artwork, an auto-brightness icon to QS footer and more are added.


CherishOS’s performance is quite impressive as the ROM is stable enough to be used as a daily driver. We noticed that this ROM gives you a powerful performance to play any game. Anyway, CherishOS is a good ROM to use on your device based on its overall performance and user suggestions.

Battery Life

Battery life is a critical aspect of any Android device. As far as CherishOS battery performance get considered, the device running on the same ROM saves a lot of battery life and gets amazing battery backup. No battery-related heating issues have been reported yet.

Extra Features

  • Release new Security patch updates monthly.
  • Easy customization
  • High stability in performance and battery life
  • User-friendly operation

While evaluating CherishOS, it is one of the best ROMs that offers many attractive features and helps you perform better. So, it is better to switch to CherishOS to make the way attractive and smooth.